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Bridie Grace

The Reality.


For some bizarre reason I woke up this morning and wanted to start writing! This has never happened… 

For a long time I knew I needed to write a blog along side the business but I detest writing, it terrifies me, I was never much of an academic, hence the creative side.

So here it goes maybe this will be a one off.. maybe it will be the start of something great… 

There will be spelling mistakes and there will be grammatical errors, but I am writing as I say it.

Feeling under the weather and slightly sorry for myself I did not want to come to work this morning, and that’s when I started talking to myself and thought ‘but this is the reality’ this is what it’s all about, working for yourself. Gone are the days you can ring in sick and still get paid for it. If I don’t go in today, I may loose a sale, I may loose a potential customers, an Instagram follower because I had my doors locked and they were not able to come and see all the things I love and work hard for!

So I reluctantly dragged my sorry ass out of bed, put some slap on, colour in my cheeks and got my tired little butt into the car. I drove still chatting to myself (I hope i’m not the only one who does this) thinking of all the things on my list to get though, driving behind a very slow car ‘er come on.. I have to get to work! whilst your on your nice leisurely Saturday drive!’

(I’m not really sure where this post is going by the way.. and if your still reading.. then thanks for not having anything better to do!)

Anyway I’m at my desk now, fruit, juice and coffee. Looking out this window at the Autumnal weather (windy miller!) anddddd how quiet it is. (sigh face) Is it bed time yet?

But, let’s just reflect back to the beginning… the beginning of opening the store….
Ups, downs, ups, downs and more ups and more downs… my most treasured and happy memories are meeting my amazing shop neighbours @windowhangups and @thelittlehouseofhygee ……these two! my little rockstars mean so much! and the best friends for life. (cheese)

Fast forward to now, and theres a little gang of us! @studionl @lucymacdonald_makeupstudio and @claude_and_co

I think that’s what makes it so special, no matter how alone you are in your business when it’s just you and only you doing every single bit of it. You are actually not alone and never are because these awesome lot and other lovelies I have met along the way are supportive and just get you. It’s other small / medium or large business owners (I don’t like to be sexist, but mainly women) who have understood, dragged me back up and put the fire back into where it’s needed! We have all learnt from each other, so as I continue this journey (sing along time!) I must remember it is definitely not all doom and gloom in fact, it’s fucking awesome!

Bridie x


I wanted to share with you some of our favourites:



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