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@Kickasskell the real Wonder Woman

@Kickasskell the real Wonder Woman


Hi all and thank you for stopping by onto this page.

I want to share with you Kelly's inspirational story. I met Kelly through instagram just casually over one of my posts I later discovered she was battling with Bowel Cancer and couldn't get my head around how this girl who was diagnosed at the same age I am now is so positive and upbeat..

This is her story..

'I started to notice people and my health care team being so shocked that i'd been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer at the age of 28. This is when I realised I needed to share my story.. I knew I didnt want ANYONE to go through what I had been through so far.. if sharing my symptoms and story was going to help with this then I was game! I told @bowelcanceruk who added me to part of their #never2young campaign to help get the symptoms out there for younger people to realise them before its to late. This is by far one of my proud moments... I didnt care about my embarrassing symptoms I knew I wanted to help #stopbowelcancer!!! And I do even more so now!'

'I wasnt sure who to tell.. I told my family and close friends. This was me ready to attend my appointment with my @macmillancancernurse. This was surreal looking back... im not sure I completely understood I was living with stage 4 cancer... I was so thin and just wanted the tumour out ASAP!!!!!!! I didnt think of anything else about the future I just wanted this thing that was causing me so much pain out!'

To read more of Kelly's story including a liver operation and 7 cycles of chemotherapy Follow KICKASSKELL on instagram.


To help raise awareness we are donating 10% from each sale of our Wonder Woman products toward Bowel Cancer UK.

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